energy saving commercial lighting

Energy Saving Commercial Lighting

This week we swapped out 46 400w Metal Halide fittings for the all new Eterna Lighting HBCIR100 100w Energy Saving Commercial Lighting for a technology company in Chippenham. Initial wattage – 400w per fitting. New wattage – 100w per fitting. Original overall wattage – 18,400 watts New overall wattage – 4,600 watts TOTAL SAVING =13,900…

Dimmable LED Lights

If your installing new dimmable LED light bulbs you will probably find that the lights will start to flicker when dimmed low. You will need a specific LED dimmer module to ensure smooth flicker free dimming. These will also help your new light bulbs last longer.

EICR Reports – Why they Are so Important

This highlights the importance of having an EICR report done. If your looking at buying a property or have purchased a property insist on having one done. This flagged up on our tests as having no CPC (earth continuity) on the light circuits. Now we are back rewiring the property and discovered some very badly…

Replacement Outdoor Lights

As the evenings are are now getting darker earlier, it’s time to get those outside lights sorted in readiness for Autumn/winter. Replace those old broken Halogen security floodlights that stopped working at the end of last winter. Or maybe some additional external lighting so the dog can see where it’s going in the garden or…

jcc lighting

JCC Lighting

Transforming rooms with the incredible JCC Lighting V50. Colour selectable from cool white to warm white. 7.5w 600/650 lumens. Fire rated 30, 60, 90 minutes. It’s never work when you install quality products.

consumer unit fire

Emergency Callout for Consumer Unit Fire!

Not what you expect on a Monday morning. We received a call of loss of power and luckily we were working locally. We managed to call round in 5 minutes and we were greeted by a consumer unit fire. The cause? Loose connection, faulty main switch or overloading. We luckily caught it before the fire…