Whilst all reasonable care is taken with estimates it is not always possible – with a visual assessment – to fully ascertain the requirements of the work as estimated over the page. If there are any unforeseen problems or extra parts required that only become obvious when the work commences, these will be brought to the attention of the person to whom this quote is addressed. This means that the final cost could vary from the price quoted, any extras will be fully discussed and costs kept to a minimum.

Contractual obligations – All work is guaranteed through our trade organisation the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting under the governments Trust Mark scheme. To comply with this arrangement, if you accept this estimate, it will form a contract between ourselves and as such becomes a binding agreement. If required we can send a small contracts acceptance form for you to sign as an agreement of the work as set out in the contract. However, as the work progresses, if you require any deviations or changes from the estimate these can be discussed, agreed and re-pricing made, there will be no need to “re-write” this estimate.

Payment – on accepted estimates over £1000 a 50% deposit is requested on the start date of the agreed work. The remainder becomes due 7 days after you receive test certificates- if applicable- along with the final invoice on completion of the agreed work.

Consumer box upgrades – with the modern technology of RCD’s (residual current device) or RCBO’s any wiring problems that exist in the property wiring will be exposed i.e. earth/neutral fault. Any non- compliance with current regulations will also be exposed. This also applies in the case of a recent building extension, kitchen or bathroom upgrade where the wiring may not comply with current standards. Any such problems will be reported on the test certificate and may have to be addressed and corrected after the upgrade/rewire if deemed necessary to rectify.

Television outlets – with the many forms of TV media available i.e. satellite, free-view, digi-boxes etc and under health and safety legislation we are not allowed to go onto roof’s. We do not install aerials or make connections to TV systems unless the connection is a straight forward one from an already installed system i.e. with a TV booster amplifier system. We will install CT100 grade digital co-ax cable from the TV outlet’s to the roof space (or other agreed location) only. We can supply – at an additional cost – a third party TV Ariel contractor to install and set up any final TV media system you may require. The same applies to telephone connections, we will wire back to a standard BT master outlet using the 4 wire conventional connection method.

Access – we require reasonable access to areas where work is to be carried out, we will not move heavy furniture or valuable glass or chinaware. In roof spaces – especially with a rewire- we need to work over all bedrooms. We cannot be held responsible for damage to any items that had to be moved to gain access to areas of work. If you have a loft area with items in it and little space – access to such an area needs to be discussed prior to work starting.

Making good – we are not plasterers. In the case of a rewire there will be disruption. In a whole house rewire we prefer – because of the time element and the finish of a base plaster fill is not to all peoples liking – not to plaster the chases back in, we can on smaller works make good to a base plaster that may need smoothing down and possibly a finish coat added. I can supply a professional plasterer to finish off our work, the cost of which would be additional to the estimate given. Down-light installations – final positioning of down-light units is dependent on joist positions and other possible constructional features which may mean the units cannot be fitted exactly symmetrically into the ceiling area.

Carpets – where carpets have to be lifted these will be re-laid and we can re-stretch to the best of our ability however, some carpet backings and underlay’s deteriorate over the years and this means that some carpet may not lie back down to its original state.

Waste cardboard etc – new legislation from April 2007 means that we are no longer able to dispose of packaging. As long as the packaging remains under your control it is classed as domestic waste if we take control and place in our vehicle it becomes commercial/industrial waste and a licence is required. We will bag up waste into manageable sizes for you to take to the waste dump or it can be placed in your wheelie bin over several weeks.

Any items installed such as LED lamps which carry their own warranty will require the necessary registration information to be completed by the customer at the end of the installation.

All goods remain the property of Reeves Electrical Limited until the final invoice has been paid and we reserve the right to remove installed goods supplied if invoice is not paid within the agreed terms of payment.

Except for complete rewires, Reeves Electrical Limited can only accept responsibility for work as listed in the estimate and not any other part of the existing installation. All faceplates to be in white unless stated otherwise.

This estimate is valid for 30 days from date of receipt.